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We want to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support and give a shout out to all the members of the local community and media outlets that have kept us dear to your hearts. We love y’all!
Special Shout out to Classic Rock 105.1, 99.9 KTDY, The Dawg 97.3, KPEL 96.5, as well as, the moderators and members at Cajun Nerd Media & Lafayette Memories.

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Through the years, fans have requested the return of Burger Tyme ™ and have continued to keep the name alive through many stories and internet message boards, and until now, the famous Cajun Blaze ™ recipe was not accessible to the public. Back by popular demand, this culinary delight can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, just as it was originally created.

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Burger Tyme Commercials from the 80’s

We are honored that fans have uploaded our commercials to YouTube. Especially since YouTube didn’t even exist when Burger Tyme ™ was last open. Follow our YouTube channel for more videos.

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