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Where’s the beef?

We are over the moon about all of the smiling faces that continue to come through our restaurant, and we want to thank all of our amazing customers. We have gone to great lengths to maintain the essence of the original Burger Tyme. Not only do we currently employ five original team members, but we were lucky enough to attract a former Mr. Cook employee, as well. In addition to our OG’s, we have a rock star crew of new comers that are eager to learn the Burger Tyme culture.  

Along with our amazing team, we have brought back the original Cajun Blaze seasoning and fully dress our burgers with fresh produce and your favorite condiments (Heinz ketchup, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, & French’s mustard). Burger Tyme does not carry generic, sub-par substitutes, which is why we regret to announce that we had to switch from Burger Tyme’s original meat supplier. It appears that they are no longer able to keep up with Acadiana’s demand for Cajun Blaze hamburgers and decided to circumvent part of our grinding specification. This decision was not approved by, nor communicated to, Burger Tyme and caused a meatier consistency that has been described by many customers as “chewy.” Though the product remained 100% ground chuck, it was not Burger Tyme’s hamburger.

Burger Tyme’s quality control process has always included random taste test to identify such inconsistencies, but we missed this one. We are committed to excellence and have revised our policies to remedy this issue going forward. We have selected a new meat provider that has been in business since 1962 and shares Burger Tyme’s Core Values. We have also updated our QA procedures to include random site visits to our suppliers’ locations to ensure that Burger Tyme’s quality standards are being upheld at all levels of production. Further, our Core Values (Quality, Service, and Value) have been updated to include Integrity, not just within our organization, but within our vendors and customers, as well.

Announcement: We will be closed Saturday (7/24) – Monday (7/26) and are expecting to have new product in by Tuesday (7/27). Once our final testing has been completed, we will make another announcement as to when we will begin serving Cajun Blazes again.

Thank you for continuing to allow us to serve you.  

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