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The winner of the $50 gift certificate is Poulet Sauce! We really love the name, “Poulet Sauce” and think it fits well within Burger Tyme’s concept. We also appreciate those in the community, who participated in this contest.

We are a local restaurant that was made by locals, for locals.

Burger Tyme has big plans for this sauce and are featuring it on many items in our new menu. Because the name, “Poulet Sauce” limits its use to chicken items, we have decided to go with Sauce C’est Bon as the name of our new sauce. You can currently enjoy Burger Tyme’s Sauce C’est Bon with our Chick ‘n Tenders, Fries, and on our Johnston Street Burger & Fried Chick ‘n Sammy, but expect to see it on more items, as we continue to expand our menu.

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