Cajun Blaze Gumbo

Cajun Blaze Gumbo

Gumbo is often used as a metaphor for the mix of cultures that exist in southern Louisiana. The gumbo recipe is typically divided into two varieties. Combinations traditionally common in New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana are known as “Creole” after the Louisiana Creole people, descendants of French and Spanish settlers, and enslaved African people, who lived in those areas.

“Cajun” combinations were common in southwestern Louisiana, which was populated primarily by Cajuns, descendants of the French-speaking settlers expelled from Acadia (located within the modern-day Canadian provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island) in the mid-18th century.

Gumbo is usually identified by its dark roux, cooked until it is a color “a few shades from burning”. Seafood is popular in gumbo the closer to the water the people are, but the southwestern areas of Louisiana often use fowl, such as chicken or duck, and sausage. The fowl is generally not de-boned, and the Trinity (onions, celery, and bell pepper) is not strained out of the dish.

Cajun Blaze Gumbo (easy)

Prep Time1 hr
Cook Time3 hrs
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, cajun, creole, Louisiana
Keyword: cajun, cajun blaze, creole, gumbo
Servings: 20



  • 1 gal water
  • 1 gal chicken broth may use 16 bouillon cubes with additional gallon of water.
  • 1 jar jar roux* see notes for from scratch & Gluten Free options.


  • 4 lbs chicken
  • 3 lbs Andouille sausage
  • 1.5 lbs pork Tasso


  • 6 onion chopped
  • 2 bell pepper chopped
  • 4 celery stalks minced or chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic minced


  • 4 tsp Cajun Blaze ™ Seasoning, All Purpose may substitute Epice version for less salt and more heat.
  • 2 bay leaf


  • .5 cups green onions chopped, optional topping
  • .5 cups parsley chopped, optional topping
  • gumbo filé to taste, optional topping


  • Heat water over medium heat, dissolve roux, and let boil for 30 minutes.
  • Add meat and vegetables. Bring mixture back to boil. If you have meat on bones, allow extra time in this to extract flavor.
  • Add bay leave(s) and season gumbo to taste with Cajun Blaze ™ Seasoning. Recommend: 4 tsp for 2 gallon recipe.
  • Lower fire to a medium heat and cook until chicken and vegetables are tender (about 1-1.5 hours).
  • Add green onions and parsley about 15 minutes before serving, or directly to bowl.
  • Serve gumbo over steamed rice* and garnish with additional toppings.


*How to make a roux from scratch:
  1. Heat oil on medium heat in a cast iron or aluminum pot.
  2. Stir in raw flour with wooden spoon (equal parts). This recipe calls for 2 cups oil and 2 cups flour (20 servings).
  3. Take your time and continue to stir. Don’t burn your roux. The longer you cook it, the darker it will be, which will provide a deeper flavor. 
Roux color:
  • Light Roux after 3-5 minutes. Use this for white sauces, like white pepper gravy or a bechamel for mac and cheese.
  • Brown Roux after 6-7 minutes. It will smell a little nutty and turn pale brown.
  • Dark Brown Roux after 8-15 minutes. This is great for Cajun and Creole cooking.
*Gluten Free option: Use Skinny Roux. This is a Louisiana product and is gluten-free, vegan, keto, paleo, whole30 compatible. 
*Rice alternatives:  Cauliflower rice, potato salad, sweet potato, etc.

Cajun Blaze Seasoning

The Cajun Blaze Seasoning is available for purchase and can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Our Cajun seasoning is made in Louisiana from all natural ingredients. No MSG or gluten added.

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