Special thanks to our medical community for working over time to keep us safe from the coronavirus (COVID-19). They are working long hours, while wearing mask that attach to the back of their ears, which causes fatigue. This strap will alleviate the fatigue caused by the mask pulling on their ears.

We are printing and donating these Surgical Mask Adjusters locally, in Lafayette, Louisiana. If you are local, please let us know where you are, and we will get some to you. If you are outside of our area, please purchase the Cajun Blaze Seasoning to cover our shipping cost and indicate how many you need in the note section during checkout.

If you have a 3D printer, please print and distribute these Surgical Mask Adjusters to medical personnel in your area.

covid-19 stap by Braxton Moody

DISCLAIMER: The participants of this project do not take any responsibility for the use, use cases, dangers from the manufacturing process, and outcomes of wearing this design (or designs derived from it), in any way, shape, or form; nor do we claim that this project offers medical-grade, or any kind of protection from Covid19.

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