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Burger Tyme’s 40 year history

Braxton Moody

Burger Tyme is the home of the original Cajun Blaze and has been a fan favorite since its inception in the late 1980’s. The brand was rebooted in 2019, and the Cajun Blaze Seasoning was made available to the public in March of 2020. The popularity was overwhelming, which lead us to partner up with local restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic, utilizing their kitchen(s) and staff to recreate the famous Cajun Blaze hamburger via pop-up events. After selling out within hours of announcing the events, we quickly realized that the demand was too great to continue the pop-up events under such a format. We could never satisfy the demand, while maintaining our high quality standards with such a format.

Burger Tyme Manuals

Burger Tyme’s fans deserve the best!

A successful restaurant requires a strategically positioned location, as well as, a well trained team, fully equipped and properly laid out kitchen to execute its menu and satisfy customers. Understanding that the pop-up format could not provide this, we cancelled all future events and began studying the Acadiana market to determine the requirements to open a Burger Tyme restaurant.

We have been busy finding a location, updating the original training manuals, and identifying the equipment and staff required to execute the original Burger Tyme menu.

Burger Tyme is Back!

Braxton Moody

The original business plan assumed the required funds would be raised via seasoning sales and pop-up style events, however for reasons stated above, we decided to find another way. We are now moving to the next phase of the business plan and are excited to announce the next Burger Tyme restaurant in Acadiana! Our pre-opening plan includes a series of pop-up events that will be executed out of our new home: 3300 Johnston Street, Lafayette, Louisiana. We will serve original Cajun Blaze combos in these limited pop-up events, while ensuring that our team is ready to provide the quality and service that Burger Tyme’s fans deserve. Once we have a fully trained team that can provide the best quality and service, we will announce the official opening date.

Don’t miss out on this Historic Event!

What: Cajun Blaze Pop-up Event
Where: 3300 Johnston Street, Lafayette, Louisiana 70503
When: Friday (6/25/21) – Monday (6/28/21)

*This event may be extended if sold out. Final opening date will be announced once training has reached perfection.

Cajun Blaze Pop-up Menu

To order, select Curbside Pickup or Drive Thru, chose the desired day & time, and Customize your order before adding to the cart. Please present your order number at 3300 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA and pick up on chosen date/time.
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